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We Offer 7 big screen Tv in our Climate controlled Game Truck with 25 console and a Huge Video Game Library 

we Specialize in Video Game Truck Birthday Parties and events for any Occasion so Call us and book a party with the best Video game Truck 
your son or daughter will have the best Video Game Birthday party 

Video Game Truck Birthday Party!

**** Trailer Front to Back 36 Feet **** 

​​2 TVs Outside 

**** Truck Front to Back 18 feet ****

On Hot Summer Days

On Cold Winter Nights

7 TVs inside 

Retro Rolling Video Games

Parks in front of your home on the street

needs about 55 feet of space

Please have area clear of cars at least 45 min prior to start of event


Each TV is a Station

​each station has 4  consoles to choose from 


Xbox One 
Playstation 4


1 Retro Console

1 Xbox 360

1 WiiU