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LanMan was created to provide

quality gaming fun

at an affordable price

that fits any family budget

Birthday Parties, Game releases, Guys night out

​for any occasion





Video Game Truck Birthday Party!

Have your Video Game Lan Party

Inside the house 


  The Patio

 Back Yard

 at your School

 City activity Center

Club House

Your Business

 Grandmas House

Is a Game Truck

just to big for your home?

Cant have a Game Truck

becuase you live in an Apartement? 

Want a more Private Party

inside your Home?

only Having a few guest?

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We Offer 7 big screen Tv in our Climate controlled Game Truck with 25 console and a Huge Video Game Library 

we Specialize in Video Game Truck Birthday Parties and events for any Occasion so Call us and book a party with the best Video game Truck 
your son or daughter will have the best Video Game Birthday party